How environmental conservation has failed the British people. Channel 4 News – Saturday 1st November 2014

Head in Hands


Oops! We went out last night and I forgot to switch on the HD recorder to record Channel 4 News and it is not available on 4oD. For some time, we have had an energy saving policy in force at our house and this over-protective, nanny-state conservationism led to me not recording some telly that I wanted to see. I have the recorder set on a repeat programme so that I don’t have to programme it each time, but it does need to be draining energy in order to work. When all that fracked gas starts coming through I’ll leave all the lights on again. We won’t have much longer to live once our water is poisoned.

I’m not blaming Channel 4 News for that.

Never mind, the Saturday broadcast is just a 20 minute recap and I’ll add an extra day on Monday.


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