My letter to Harriet Harman, Acting Leader of the Labour Party #JezWeCan #Corbyn4Leader #LabourLeadership #LabourPurge

Letter Harriet Harman Acting Leader of the Labout Party v3

Harriet Harman MP
Acting Leader of The Labour Party
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Harriet,

I am one of the many people who have been “purged” from the members and supporters of the UK Labour Party and denied a vote in the leadership election.

On 19th August 2015 I received an email that said:

“We have reason to believe that you do not support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party”.

Neither statement is true. I don’t know what those stated reasons might be but if you have people scanning my political memberships and/or social media channels, it is abundantly clear that I am a traditional Labour voter and a committed socialist.

In 1997 I was delighted by the landslide victory of Labour, and what seemed to be a promise of a new Labour that was less in thrall to the unions and would represent those of us who considered ourselves to be socialists, but certainly not “hard left”.

Unfortunately, this new Labour party turned out to be New Labour who went on to continue and implement deeply unpopular and unwise policies and actions such as the Private Finance Initiative, student loans and the Iraq war amongst many others. New Labour transformed the Labour Party into something barely distinguishable from its traditional nemesis, the Conservative Party. I did not vote again until 2015.

I started voting again because cynicism and apathy have demonstrably failed, so I decided to try optimism and activism instead. I joined the Green Party in order to be part of the “green surge” but I voted Labour to contribute towards maintaining a majority in the safe seat where I live in Sheffield Heeley. I also joined the Stop The War Coalition at the same time.

Local Labour Party activists came canvassing during this year’s general election campaign and I told them I would be voting Labour but had joined the Green Party because New Labour was no longer a socialist party.

As a Green Party member, I did not expect to be able to sign up as a supporter of the Labour Party, but the online form that I filled in said nothing about members of other parties being excluded from the election. So I paid £3 and joined as a supporter for the sole purpose of voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election, the only candidate that represents traditional Labour values.

Like many others, I am appalled by the way the Labour Party establishment and the other leadership candidates have conducted themselves during this campaign. You are witnessing a huge popular movement that you should be listening to rather than attempting to silence. The New Labour experiment is over and it has been shown to be, not only a huge failure, but also deeply unpopular amongst traditional Labour voters.

I would like to urgently insist that you reinstate my right to vote in the leadership election and review all the applications of other members and supporters who have been excluded.

I have sent copies of this letter to Louise Haigh MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bolam


Jeremy Corbyn keeps getting elected, so how is he “unelectable”? #JeremyCorbyn #JezWeCan #VoteCorbyn

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I was at a meeting of local Labour Party members last night (here in Sheffield Heeley I am not ostracised even though I am a member of the Green Party), and one of the old school Labour guys used the phrase “unelectable” about Jeremy Corbyn and the kind of Labour Party that he might lead at the next general election.

This is bullshit and I told him so. The “unelectable” label has been very successfully seeded by the professional liars that are so favoured by the neoliberal cheats and war criminals on the right, and it’s been repeated endlessly by the pseudo-journalist goons of Channel 4 News and BBC News (amongst many others) that it has now been shoehorned into the current political zeitgeist.

Strange that despite being “unelectable”, Corbyn seems to keep getting elected. He has been the Member of Parliament for North Islington since 1983 and just keeps getting elected. What’s more, it looks like he is about to be elected as the leader of the Labour Party.

All despite being “unelectable”.

And so, unless in the meantime he is murdered by MI6, or the CIA, or Mossad, we will have a left-wing Labour Party again.

On the subject of unelectability, one might have thought a party whose figurehead was complicit in covering up the activities of child rapists might be considered unelectable.

Also, one might have thought a prime minister who has been bought by fossil fuel corporations might be unelectable.

And one might have thought that a chancellor of the exchequer who has borrowed more than all the other governments since the Second World War put together, and regularly lies to parliament about the state of the economy, would also be unelectable.

One might have thought that a government whose social care policies have shortened the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people might be unelectable.

I know it is a backhanded compliment, but if a demonstrably incompetent bunch of liars, cheats and warmongers can be elected then it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination that a principled, considerate and peaceful government could be elected.

And finally, here is my appeal to those of you on the left: please stop repeating the propaganda that has been very skilfully inserted into the mainstream media and no longer elect the unelectable, but elect the electable.

The Labour Party won’t let me vote for the new leader & now I want my £3 back. #VotePleb #VoteCorbyn #JezWeCan #LabourLeadership

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Today, I received this email from The Labour Party.

“Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your recent application to become an Affiliated/a Registered Supporter of the Labour Party.

As part of the process to sign up as an Affiliated/a Registered Supporter all applicants are asked to confirm the following statement;  I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.

We have reason to believe that you do not support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party and therefore we are rejecting your application.

Although you may have received or may still receive a ballot paper, it will not work and if you do vote it will not be counted.

Should you wish to dispute rejection by the Labour Party you would have to submit and pursue an application to join Labour as a full member.

Kind Regards

The Labour Party

Sent by email from the Labour Party and promoted by Iain McNicol on behalf of The Labour Party, both at One Brewers Green, London SW1H 0RH.

Website:  To join or renew call 0845 092 2299.”

I guess they found out that I’m a member of The Green Party and apparently I am “a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party”.

Wrong, you fucking dimwits.

To paraphrase what Mhairi Black MP (SNP) said in her maiden speech to the House of Commons, it is The Labour Party that left me rather than the other way around, and it is the leftover Blairite neoliberal parasites that are opposed to the values of the Labour Party, not me.

In the 1980s I would never have been considered “hard left”, although I have always been a Labour voter. These days, Labour has become so infected by the freeloading, neoliberal apologist career-politicians that now I am almost indistinguishable from Karl Marx himself.

Certainly not my first choice, but better at least than Thatcher, Cameron, Pinochet, Netanyahu, Bush, Hitler, Pol Pot or the Royal House of Saud. However, these days I count as a “hard-left infiltrator” because I want the Labour Party to be a socialist party and represent the needs of the many rather than the greed of the few.

During the 2015 pre-general-election campaign, Local Labour Party activists came knocking on my door and asked me who I would be voting for. I told them I would be voting Labour (they nodded approvingly) because I live in Sheffield Heeley, a safe Labour seat, but I had joined the Greens because Labour was not left enough for me (no eye contact). They were visibly disappointed but could understand my concerns. Every one of them spat when I mentioned Tony Blair and I kept them talking so long that one of them looked at his watch and said “we’ve got to go”. I’ll try that on the Jovies next time.

I was already a member of the Stop The War Coalition (for whom Corbyn is chair) when I heard he would be running for Labour leader, and I did consider resigning my membership of the Greens and joining Labour, but the terms and conditions did not exclude members of other political parties becoming a supporter, so I paid my £3 just to vote for him.

So fuck the Labour Party generally, but here in Sheffield Heeley we have Louise Haigh who, like Corbyn, voted against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015, so I still have hope, locally if not nationally.

What’s more I have successfully infiltrated my mum, dad, sister and wife, all who have joined the Labour Party despite having never been members of any political party before, and all so that they can vote for Jeremy Corbyn. If the Labour establishment wants to defeat Corbyn’s leadership bid, it might be more wise to publicly distance themselves from war criminal Tony Blair, professional liar Alistair Campbell and neoliberal apologist Gordon Brown rather than antagonising us traditional Labour voters.

So Liz Kendall, Andy Burnam and Yvette Cooper, fuck you and I want my £3 back.