Jeremy Corbyn keeps getting elected, so how is he “unelectable”? #JeremyCorbyn #JezWeCan #VoteCorbyn

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I was at a meeting of local Labour Party members last night (here in Sheffield Heeley I am not ostracised even though I am a member of the Green Party), and one of the old school Labour guys used the phrase “unelectable” about Jeremy Corbyn and the kind of Labour Party that he might lead at the next general election.

This is bullshit and I told him so. The “unelectable” label has been very successfully seeded by the professional liars that are so favoured by the neoliberal cheats and war criminals on the right, and it’s been repeated endlessly by the pseudo-journalist goons of Channel 4 News and BBC News (amongst many others) that it has now been shoehorned into the current political zeitgeist.

Strange that despite being “unelectable”, Corbyn seems to keep getting elected. He has been the Member of Parliament for North Islington since 1983 and just keeps getting elected. What’s more, it looks like he is about to be elected as the leader of the Labour Party.

All despite being “unelectable”.

And so, unless in the meantime he is murdered by MI6, or the CIA, or Mossad, we will have a left-wing Labour Party again.

On the subject of unelectability, one might have thought a party whose figurehead was complicit in covering up the activities of child rapists might be considered unelectable.

Also, one might have thought a prime minister who has been bought by fossil fuel corporations might be unelectable.

And one might have thought that a chancellor of the exchequer who has borrowed more than all the other governments since the Second World War put together, and regularly lies to parliament about the state of the economy, would also be unelectable.

One might have thought that a government whose social care policies have shortened the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people might be unelectable.

I know it is a backhanded compliment, but if a demonstrably incompetent bunch of liars, cheats and warmongers can be elected then it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination that a principled, considerate and peaceful government could be elected.

And finally, here is my appeal to those of you on the left: please stop repeating the propaganda that has been very skilfully inserted into the mainstream media and no longer elect the unelectable, but elect the electable.


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