THIS IS IMPORTANT. Crowd-funding in The Public Interest @SheffCityNigel

This is Nigel Slack and he is a man that I trust, at a time when we need them most. Nigel (aka The Public Interest) is crowd-funding to support his continued campaigning & scrutinising of local politics and institutions. He is an independent, non-party political activist, working to represent the people of Sheffield at a time when our faith in the integrity and competence of our institutions is at an all-time low.

Nigel has been working in this capacity on our behalf for five years, in his own time and at his own expense, but we all need to eat. And pay rent. And pay the bills. Here is his appeal and a link to make a contribution.

As a rule, I don’t contribute to crowd-funded projects, I’m a hard sell when it comes to giving out money because, since 2008, I don’t have any. Not literally none, but nowhere near enough to give it to all the deserving causes that I see on my social media every day, and so I’m very picky.

I am making a small, monthly contribution and I urge you to do the same. Even if it is only a few pounds a month, or just a pound a month, with enough contributors, it all adds up and Nigel can continue to represent us in all those balls-aching meetings that we don’t want to go to.

The Public Interest is on Facebook here:
And Nigel is on Twitter here:

Please contribute, so that rather than scratching a living serving you you Breakfast McMuffin™, or fulfilling your Amazon™ order of Game of Thrones™ box-sets, or cutting down healthy trees, he will be available to attend Council meetings, give advice and be an independent representative for the people of Sheffield.