Who needs TTIP when you have the CIA? Channel 4 News – Wednesday 29 October 2014

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I wish I’d saved yesterday’s blog title for today, but never mind, there’s plenty of dirt to go around. It’s a shame George Orwell and Adolf Hitler did such a good job documenting the subtleties of expert propaganda, it’s almost too easy these days.

Here are the timings for the Channel 4 News 7pm bulletin on Wednesday.

19.00 – 19.02 Various intros.

19.02 – 19.11 Manchester child abuse scandal.

19.11 – 19.14 John Lowe shotgun murders.

19.14 – 19.16 Latvian cargo plane intercepted by fighter jet.

19.16 – 19.21 The Emir of Qatar meets the Queen and David Cameron in London.

19.21 – 1924 Tesco investigated for alleged false accounting.

19.24 – 19.25 NIBs about landslide in Sri Lanka, Ebola and Rio Ferdinand.

19.25 – 19.37 Substantial feature on economic migrants from Bulgaria to Germany.

1937 – 19.40 Antares rocket failure.

19.40 – 19.45 Interview with director Christopher Nolan about new film “Interstellar”.

19.45 – 19.46 “Adverts”.

19.46 – 19.51 Feature about Grime music.

19.51 – 19.56 Feature & interview with musician & writer Kate Tempest.

No mention at all of radicalised Muslims or UKIP on Wednesday, but plenty of xenophobia and some subtle anti-EU propaganda.

I’m including the first feature about child abuse in my total of time dedicated to xenophobia because of a rather prominent mention of sexual abuse happening “above kebab shops, above pizza parlours” and how they are “still driving around in their taxis”, and we all know which particular stereotype that is reinforcing. However, the most startling comment in this bulletin was when John Snow asked Nazid Afzah from the Manchester Crime Prosecution Service, ”what is it about these Northern cities?”

Well, John, I can only guess that Theresa May MP (currently Home Secretary) did not give “these Northern cities” as much of a head start to misplace their incriminating dossiers.

The Emir of Qatar comes to London to negotiate buying weapons. The same Gulf state that is suspected of ending up in the hands of ISIL, but no mention of the newly de-classified documents revealing how the CIA (with the help of the British government) engineered the Iranian coup of 1953 which eventually led to the Islamic revolution of 1979. It’s pretty common knowledge and seems like a no-brainer to link all this up with the proliferation of war in the Middle-East and the dirty tricks on behalf of the US and UK.

Never mind.

However, the most subtly invidious feature was about the Bulgarian youths, apparently economic migrants, being trafficked to Germany, promised work but (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) used as rent boys. The feature ended with a translated quotation about how with Bulgaria now being in the EU, their lives will be like that for years. It was just a veiled indictment of free movement in the EU.

The rest of it was fluff apart from the ad break which featured one advert for a confrontational documentary entitled “Make Leicester British”. Bless.

So, for Wednesday 29th October 2014, I count 22 minutes (approximately) out of 56 dedicated to demonising immigrants and the EU.