Never mind post-truth, this is the age of post-competence #TheresaMay #Brexit


Poor cow, I almost feel sorry for Theresa May. So desperate was she to get the premiership that she grabbed the most poisoned chalice since the Poll Tax, and betrayed all her barely discernible principles in the process. We should coin a phrase for this kind of infantile hubris; instead of “selling out” we should refer to it as “Clegging Up”.

Brexit is the most bone-headed act of mutual self-destruction since the appeasement of Hitler. I understand there are very strong emotions on both sides, but it must be clear to anyone with a brain larger than a walnut that we’re already getting fucked and it’s only going to get worse, and no-one knows what to do about it.

Except just stop it, that is, seeing as Article 50 has not been triggered and the referendum is not legally binding and it should be debated by parliament and blah, blah, blah (just add any of the other stuff us liberal-elite, unpatriotic remoaners keep banging on about).

It’s perfectly clear that there is not one person in our entire government who is remotely qualified, experienced or capable of managing such an unimagined contingency. What’s more, our government and parliament is largely (not completely) comprised of uneducated imbeciles. Sounds like a cheap, ad-hominem insult, I know, but in which other profession could a middle-aged person, with any degree of professional confidence or ethical credibility, move from a senior job in finance to a similarly pivotal role in the health sector? Or education, or defence, or social welfare? Quite a common occurrence among ministers in British government.

The British parliamentary system not only celebrates delusional, aspirational folly but also handsomely rewards any amount of corruption, misconduct and incompetence.

We now have a Prime Minister who actually said “brexit means brexit.”

In public. To the press. No, really, and we think Trump is an idiot.

Imagine if I went to work and a client asked me what audio-visual (AV) tech I was going to provide to achieve the required results, and I said “AV is as AV does.” I would be dismissed on the spot, but the British parliamentary system requires no such competence, actual or perceived.

When I was of school age, we used to tease each other by pretending we knew an embarrassing secret about another child but refusing to say what it was. Another technique was to start telling some tale and then abruptly stop and say “never mind, you wouldn’t believe me”. Both childish ruses, of course, to pretend some superior knowledge or advantage, and founded on nothing.

Rather like the government’s refusal to give details about its brexit negotiations. Most of us left that sort of behaviour in the playground but Theresa May is so immured in her Thatcher-a-like folly, she can neither recognise nor accept her own impotence. In a move reminiscent of the so-called Darwin Awards, which awards trophies to those whose acts of stupidity remove them from the gene pool, a woman that could countenance the appointment of Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary has already selected herself for political extinction.

A bunch of Johnny Foreigners ignoring Spooky May.

I must admit, I had lost my mojo a bit over the weekend and failed to come up with a satisfactory Playbolam™ for the 18th, although I did have a few ideas, and failed to get it published on time. However, I was saved by the doorbell and the arrival, the following day,  of a few carefully chosen bits and bobs direct from Playmobil themselves.

Under the section of their online shop listed as “Last chance to buy”, I couldn’t resist the price reduced pink unicorn at £1.75, although I was not sure what use I would have for it. But as soon as I unpacked it, I could see Spooky May riding it as a symbol of Brexit, accompanied by a few kippers.

Agent “Spooky” May, the licensed snooper, now leader of the Nazti Party.

Seems so obvious now.

My own inaction was partly inspired by the sheer tyranny of choice, with so many easy targets for anger, frustration and downright incredulity at the sprawling omnishambles that is the British parliamentary system.

I see no future for Britain whilst such incompetence is tolerated. All MPs should be dismissed and re-elected, but employed on proper contracts of employment and overseen by an independent standards body that has the power to remove them from office and, if need be, prosecute them.

Until genuine oversight is applied to those in public office whose decisions affects the lives of others, there is no future but fascism, and we are destined to be lead by the very least among us.


David Cameron should be impeached and sued for damages. #PMQs #VAT #JobsTax #NationalInsurance

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 17.03.30

Just when you think that David Cameron can stoop no lower, he and his poisonous spin doctors have shown today just how corrupt, puerile and unworthy they are to have any jobs of responsibility.

After using the usual technique of refusing to answer the question several times about whether another Conservative government would raise VAT, Cameron, Osborne and, no doubt Lynton Crosby, suckered Ed Miliband into asking about VAT at the last Prime Minister’s Questions (25/3/15) before the General Election, and Cameron answered that he would not raise VAT.

This was a calculated scam, as setup reminiscent of the kind of bullying that many of us remember from school, and the conditioned sociopaths of the government front bench have matured no further.

What’s more, the government’s spin doctors (aka professional liars) have now christened National Insurance as the “Jobs Tax” in order to undermine one of the provisions that the UK can actually be proud of.

National Insurance contributions go towards Basic State Pension, Additional State Pension, New State Pension, Contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance, Maternity Allowance and Bereavement benefits.

How they sniggered, but Clegg looked uncomfortable in parliament, skulking behind Cameron. No wonder, he’s probably going to get a celebratory bumming once all the Bullingdon bullies get back to the dorm.

Impeachment is not something that is ever mentioned in the UK parliament, but it is provided for in British law as a way of removing parliamentarians from office, and was last attempted in 2004 against Tony Blair.

Impeachment is when a peer or commoner is accused of ‘high crimes and misdemeanours, beyond the reach of the law or which no other authority in the state will prosecute.’ It is a procedure that is ‘directed in particular against Ministers of the Crown’ . The first recorded impeachment was in 1376 and the last in 1806. The procedure is considered obsolete.

David Cameron has failed to act properly time and time again, you only need watch single session of Prime Minister’s Questions to watch him fail to answer questions over and over again. In any other profession this behaviour would be considered gross misconduct and the grounds for disciplinary action and possibly dismissal.

However, British MPs are not bound by the same contracts of employment that “hardworking people” are, but he can be impeached by other MPs and/or sued in a civil court by members of the public for damages arising from loss of earnings.

The UK parliament is a sham and David Cameron is not only an embarrassment to the country, but also a material liability. His failure in economic terms alone it writ large in empty shops, crumbling roads and zero hour contracts all over the UK.

I am doing my best to ensure that he doesn’t get a second term, never mind a third.