Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher (there is no alternative) #SyriaStrikes @theresa_may @Conservatives

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt The Younger

It might surprise you to read this, but I’m almost nostalgic for Margaret Thatcher. At least she had the sense to wage war in some shithole in the South Atlantic that no-one had heard of or cared about. What’s more, it didn’t risk escalating into a wider conflict, and only 1,000 dead, most of them Argies.

What’s more, it took six weeks for the warships to get there, allowing ample time for a feeding frenzy of speculation and propaganda to keep the parasites of British media in boozy lunches for a while longer.

Even neoliberal spook Tony Blair achieved more than May, ignoring a public protest against the invasion of Iraq of a million mostly white people, leading to the deaths of a similar number of mostly brown people, and damaging the reputation of socialism by smearing it with the shit stains of “New Labour” and damaging the UK Labour Party’s reputation so much that it will be seen as irrelevant for a generation.

Both top-level gaming.

And then the rot set in with David Cameron. Sure, he was all gung ho for destroying Libya, along with the US (as always) and France, but to what end? Before you know it, the Royal Navy has to start picking up “migrants” in the Mediterranean, desperately trying to “migrate” to Europe. Not because they think Europe is in any way better, but at least it’s not a war zone, and before you know it, they’re “coming over ‘ere, stealing our jobs”.


And now Theresa May, with the Margaret Thatcher makeover, and the thousand-yard stare, and the media-trained platitudes. I doubt Maggie would have let Trump hold her hand, never mind suck his cock. But Theresa is no Iron Lady, just a rusty old battle-axe.


CHOOSE LIES – @theresa_may @number10gov #B2 #Brexit #1997 #ChooseLies

Photo: BBC
Choose lies. Choose three jobs. Choose no career. Choose a divorce. Choose a really, really, really fucking big television, Choose auto-telling machines, coffee salons, artisan beers and self-service checkouts. Choose private healthcare, institutional cancer and dental veneers. Choose variable-rate private rentals. Choose a starter flat. Choose your competitors. Choose leisure wear made by children. Choose a corner suite on a payday loan in a range of fucking highly-flammable fabrics from non-EU countries. Choose PAYE and wondering where the fuck your Council tax went and all those fucking trees. Choose sitting on that Lay-Zee-Boy watching mind-numbing spirit-crushing talent shows, stuffing fucking calorie-counted, emulsified diet food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in an over-priced nursing home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up ministers you voted for to replace your lazy fucking conscience. Choose no future. Choose lies . . . And why would I not do a thing like that? I chose to choose lies: I chose nothing else. And the reason? There is no reason. Who needs reason when “brexit means brexit”?

Never mind post-truth, this is the age of post-competence #TheresaMay #Brexit


Poor cow, I almost feel sorry for Theresa May. So desperate was she to get the premiership that she grabbed the most poisoned chalice since the Poll Tax, and betrayed all her barely discernible principles in the process. We should coin a phrase for this kind of infantile hubris; instead of “selling out” we should refer to it as “Clegging Up”.

Brexit is the most bone-headed act of mutual self-destruction since the appeasement of Hitler. I understand there are very strong emotions on both sides, but it must be clear to anyone with a brain larger than a walnut that we’re already getting fucked and it’s only going to get worse, and no-one knows what to do about it.

Except just stop it, that is, seeing as Article 50 has not been triggered and the referendum is not legally binding and it should be debated by parliament and blah, blah, blah (just add any of the other stuff us liberal-elite, unpatriotic remoaners keep banging on about).

It’s perfectly clear that there is not one person in our entire government who is remotely qualified, experienced or capable of managing such an unimagined contingency. What’s more, our government and parliament is largely (not completely) comprised of uneducated imbeciles. Sounds like a cheap, ad-hominem insult, I know, but in which other profession could a middle-aged person, with any degree of professional confidence or ethical credibility, move from a senior job in finance to a similarly pivotal role in the health sector? Or education, or defence, or social welfare? Quite a common occurrence among ministers in British government.

The British parliamentary system not only celebrates delusional, aspirational folly but also handsomely rewards any amount of corruption, misconduct and incompetence.

We now have a Prime Minister who actually said “brexit means brexit.”

In public. To the press. No, really, and we think Trump is an idiot.

Imagine if I went to work and a client asked me what audio-visual (AV) tech I was going to provide to achieve the required results, and I said “AV is as AV does.” I would be dismissed on the spot, but the British parliamentary system requires no such competence, actual or perceived.

When I was of school age, we used to tease each other by pretending we knew an embarrassing secret about another child but refusing to say what it was. Another technique was to start telling some tale and then abruptly stop and say “never mind, you wouldn’t believe me”. Both childish ruses, of course, to pretend some superior knowledge or advantage, and founded on nothing.

Rather like the government’s refusal to give details about its brexit negotiations. Most of us left that sort of behaviour in the playground but Theresa May is so immured in her Thatcher-a-like folly, she can neither recognise nor accept her own impotence. In a move reminiscent of the so-called Darwin Awards, which awards trophies to those whose acts of stupidity remove them from the gene pool, a woman that could countenance the appointment of Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary has already selected herself for political extinction.

A bunch of Johnny Foreigners ignoring Spooky May.

I must admit, I had lost my mojo a bit over the weekend and failed to come up with a satisfactory Playbolam™ for the 18th, although I did have a few ideas, and failed to get it published on time. However, I was saved by the doorbell and the arrival, the following day,  of a few carefully chosen bits and bobs direct from Playmobil themselves.

Under the section of their online shop listed as “Last chance to buy”, I couldn’t resist the price reduced pink unicorn at £1.75, although I was not sure what use I would have for it. But as soon as I unpacked it, I could see Spooky May riding it as a symbol of Brexit, accompanied by a few kippers.

Agent “Spooky” May, the licensed snooper, now leader of the Nazti Party.

Seems so obvious now.

My own inaction was partly inspired by the sheer tyranny of choice, with so many easy targets for anger, frustration and downright incredulity at the sprawling omnishambles that is the British parliamentary system.

I see no future for Britain whilst such incompetence is tolerated. All MPs should be dismissed and re-elected, but employed on proper contracts of employment and overseen by an independent standards body that has the power to remove them from office and, if need be, prosecute them.

Until genuine oversight is applied to those in public office whose decisions affects the lives of others, there is no future but fascism, and we are destined to be lead by the very least among us.

When is news not news? Channel 4 News – Monday 3 November 2014

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 11.58.43

Having watched every bulletin over the last week (except Saturday), Channel 4 News seemed to be getting better as the week went on. However, because I missed Saturday, I decided to add Monday 3rd of November to make up my seven bulletins, and whilst watching this programme, I realised that Channel 4 News is not a news programme at all, it’s a magazine programme and it should be renamed Channel 4 La-La-Land Fluff TV.

19.00 – 19.02 Intros

19.02 – 19.08 The murder of Ann Maguire by Will Cornick.

19.08 – 19.10 Brief report on GCHQ’s Robert Hannigan.

19.10 – 19.17 Theresa May apologies in parliament for child sexual abuse inquiry delays.

19.17 – 19.20 Item about free movement in the EU.

19.20 – 19.23 Item on Rurik Jutting, ex-banker who appears to have murdered two women in Hong Kong.

19.23 – 19.30 Report on the crash of the Virgin Galactic test plane.

19.30 – 19.39 Feature about the difference in attitude between the over 60s and under 30s.

19.39 – 19.44 Studio discussion with Virginia Ironside and Katie Morley.

19.44 – 19.47 Story about the proposed Mayor of Greater Manchester.

19.47 – 19.50 A bloke in a blindfold on a tightrope.

19.50 – 19.51 Adverts

19.51 – 19.55 Russian debutantes’ ball in London.

The programme opens with another lurid report, this time on the murder of teacher Ann Maguire by mentally-disturbed 16-year-old pupil Will Cornick.

Then Lindsey Hilsum cheerfully repeats the blatant panic-mongering of Robert Hannigan, Director of GCHQ, about how the internet in general and US tech giants in specific are “the command and control networks of choice for terrorists and criminals”. I am sure Hannigan could not have been more pleased with that bit of prime-time propaganda.

Then there was an item about the child sexual abuse inquiry and Theresa May’s apalogy in parliament to the victims. In the studio Andy Lavery, a child sex-abuse survivor and activist, is polite whilst being interrupted by Jon Snow, but visibly irritated when he is cut off at the end.

Then we get back to immigration and free movement in the EU with a quote at the end from rent-a-gob Nigel Farage.

Then the juicy murders in Hong Kong.

After that, another embarrassing interview by Jon Snow with Richard Branson about the Virgin Galactic crash. I couldn’t care less about Branson’s day trips for the super-rich, but the accusatory nature of the questioning was extremely unprofessional. Maybe not for The Daily Mail, but definitely for Channel 4.

I don’t know if any strings were pulled to edit this online article (link below) about Philip Davies MP telling Jon Snow he “should go”, and I hate to agree with what any Tory MP (allegedly) said, but I think he should go. Over and over again, Jon Snow has shown himself to rude and unprofessional when interviewing.

After that was a feature of pure fluff about the difference in attitudes between the “over 60s and under 30s”, including some interviews with some over 60s and under 18s (?).

Then a studio discussion with writer Virginia Ironside (over 60) and journalist Katie Morley (under 30). Virginia Ironside was visibly frustrated by the stupidity of Kathy Newman’s questions. More filler and fluff.

Then a short report by “North of England Correspondent” Ciaran Jenkins on the devolution of power to Greater Manchester. But no mention of Sheffield or Leeds.

Tightrope. Fluff.

Russian debutantes’ ball. Fluff.

I will be writing an analysis of the whole week and will post that online later in the week.

This last programme is currently available on 4oD.

The Woolf Out the Door. Channel 4 News – Friday 31 October 2014

Screen shot 2014-11-01 at 15.41.17

Nothing about immigration, radicalised Muslims or UKIP on Friday 31st. I almost miss it. However, also nothing about the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire. They were keen to report on it when they thought UKIP was in the running but nothing now the Labour candidate, Alan Billings, got nearly twice the number of votes than UKIP.

19.00 – 19.02 Intros

19.02 – 19.15 The resignation of Fiona Woolf from the inquiry into child sexual abuse.

19.15 – 19.17 Crash of the Virgin Galactic test aircraft.

19.17 – 19.21 Overthrow of government in Burkina Faso.

19.21 – 19.23 Two deaths reported in a fire at a fireworks factory.

19.23 – 19.26 Report on the suicide of Rosie Whitaker and bullying.

19.26 – 19.31 US elections

19.31 – 19.35 Feature about the awareness campaign by the Royal Society for Public Health about the number of calories in alcoholic drinks.

I am disappointed that Channel 4 News has not reinforced my prejudice today. At least they are pushing the child sexual abuse inquiry story rather than having John Snow asking “what is it about these Northern cities?”.

I guess my campaign is working. Who would have thought that a nobody in one of “these Northern cities” would have any effect, even without being interviewed by their North of England correspondent and who voted Labour for the SYPCC.